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Nicole Broussard is a lawyer based in League City, Texas. Her practice focuses on immigration. Nicole represents individuals and businesses in legal matters. Including, employment, family-based, consular practice, citizenship and naturalization.

Because Nicole is related to immigrants, she is particularly sensitive to the concerns and needs of immigrants and their families. Additionally, Nicole has a working knowledge of Spanish from her time as a Texas A&M undergraduate with a minor in Spanish, studying abroad in Spain and volunteering with immigrant communities during and after law school.

Nicole carefully evaluates and analyzes each case to create a proper strategy for her clients. This is because every client is unique and every legal matter is unique. Although Nicole cannot guarantee success, this breakdown and plan of action is important and increases her clients chances for positive results.

Nicole is committed to personalized and professional service for customers. Nicole Broussard has invested in technology that allows clients world wide to access quality legal counsel conveniently. Furthermore, though the use of tools like email and the internet, Nicole regularly updates clients regarding their cases.

Nicole is licensed by the State Bar of Texas to practice law in any area.

Please call or email me to assist with your legal issues.

Nicole Broussard
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Licensed in Texas

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Phone 281-947-2291
Phone 903-704-4586
Fax 877-874-8093